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5 Tips For Keeping Those Health and Fitness Resolutions in 2016

So we all sit down in between that second helping of Christmas pudding and that third glass of wine and say loudly to our family and friends, ‘I’m going to lose weight and get healthy in 2016!’ We all have these goals but how are we going to achieve them? These are five ways you can keep those new year resolutions and get your 2016 off to a resolution-achieving success!

1. Keep your goals achievable

So many people I know make goals that are completely untenable and quite frankly ridiculous. You will drink again. You will eat chocolate again. Making resolutions like that will only lead to failure and that’s really disempowering. Think carefully about your achievable and healthy weightloss and fitness goals.

2. Diet to suit your lifestyle

If you want to lose weight think about the days you can eat light. If you have a date night or a work night out that realistically isn’t going to be a light-calorie day. Try and think of two or three days a week that you can feasibly eat less without it impacting on your social life and putting you in situations where you are surrounded by food and suffering from a severe case of food envy. Research shows that eating a reduced calorie diet for only a few days a week will increase weight loss as much or more that eating a reduced calorie diet every day.

3. Find exercise you actually enjoy doing

There are loads of classes at the gym. From boxing to aerobics to zumba there are many different things to try out. If the gym isn’t for you there are local teams playing football, netball and other team sports. Joining a class can be intimidating but you will soon meet people and it can be sociable as well. If you hate exercising you probably won’t go – choose something you want to go and feel free to admit that you hate Zumba and never want to go back. Ever. But maybe swimming is for you. Try something new. it might surprise you.

4. Don’t write off any time as a ‘failure’

All Christmas I have watched people eat that third piece of cake saying ‘It’s Christmas, it’s fine!’ or ‘I’ve been eating unhealthily all week – why stop now?’. You can always stop. It’ll take you an hour running on a treadmill to burn off that next piece of cake. It’ll be another week on a calorie reduced diet if you have that next helping of pudding. Resist the temptation to say ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ and get back on track as soon as possible. We all fall off the wagon. Occasionally it’s fine – and let’s face it without the occasional splurge what is the point of life?! but when you feel it’s done. Stop. Enough. Yes, you’ve had a break up and eaten a ton of ice cream. Now. Deep breath. You haven’t instantly got fat. Get back to exercising and avoid those sugars and you’ll feel loads better.

5. Invest in nice sports clothes

They are worth the money. They gym is full of mirrors. It’s never flattering to be working out and there’s always bound to be fitter and healthier looking people skulking around ready to knock your confidence just by their existence. Ignore them. You’re doing great. But a good work-out kit does wonders for when you do glimpse yourself in the mirror. Plus the new gear will keep you feeling guilty if you don’t wear it! 😉

Here’s to a happy, healthy and positive New Year!
Stay wonderful.

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