Voodoo Manufacturing Taps The Power Of 3D Printing To Make Things On Demand


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Four ex-Makerbot employees, Max Friefled, Oliver Ortlieb, Patrick Deem, and Jonathan Schwartz, have come together to create a Brooklyn-based rapid manufacturing system using – what else? – Makerbots. The group, called Voodoo Manufacturing raised $300,000 to build their 3D printing shop and are currently profitable, a testament to the power of making things quickly.

The company has 125 3D printers running in tandem and controlled by a central server. Jobs go in, are printed, and shipped out immediately. They have printed over 25,000 pieces so far for clients like Universal, Viacom, and Chipotle.

The core team built a 3D marketplace called Layer By Layer in 2014. Acquired by Makerbot soon after, they built a small version of Voodoo workshop and then decided to go into business for themselves.